Serial Cleaners is an upcoming stealth video game from developer Draw Distance. In Serial Cleaners, you can play as one of four characters in the game: Psycho, Bob, Lati, and Vip3r. If you are a fan of the Hitman video game series then Serial Cleaners may interest you on a smaller level. Most of the gameplay revolves around being stealthy and avoiding getting caught by the police while you ‘clean’ (using a vacuum) evidence and remove bodies from a crime scene.

The art style is very cartoony and sort of resembles the Dire Straits music video for ‘Money For Nothing’ however the subject is more in line with something ‘The Wolf‘ (Harvey Keitel) from Pulp Fiction may have had to take care of on a weekly bases.

I only had a short time with the game and while the gameplay is limited enough it does have some appeal to those of us who like to sneak around. I especially enjoyed the ability to slide along on a trail of blood on the floor but wasn’t impressed during the cutscenes that didn’t include moving lips as part of the animation.

Serial Cleaners release is September 22, 2022, for PC, PS5, Series Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.