Stray Blade is an upcoming single-player action-adventure RPG video game from Point Blank Games. In Stray Blade, you play as a heroic knight named Farren who has an elementally enhanced companion Boji joining him on the adventures.

Stray Blade features third-person combat where you fight against other knights and a variety of creatures inhabiting the lands. The style is similar to something like Dark Souls in which you have to time your attacks and dodgers in order to defeat single or multiple enemies. The artistic style of Stray Blade harkened a bit to a favorite fantasy action game released years ago called Kingdoms of Amalur (2012).

My time with the game was limited but I did appreciate the fluid action and combat. Something that stood out was the ability to easily dodge while in the middle of performing an attack. Making it easier to be a bit reckless with how you want to attack. The character’s outfit, weapons, and other traits all appear to be customizable with different colors so you can make Farren resemble something closer to your artistic style.

Stray Blade is expected to be released in 2023 for PC Steam, Epic, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.