Players will be able to join the fearless Radmospheric Three – Squid, Licht, and Professor Planks – unified to prevent B.B. Hopper, the business frog, from exploiting the rumored hidden city in the sky. Along the way, they’ll traverse incredible heights while collecting map pieces to unlock the path to the legendary lost island built by the skate gods themselves.

Despite its whimsical title, I had a hard time finding a good flow in OlliOlli World‘s second DLC, Finding the Flowzone. I haven’t played OlliOlli World since the first DLC dropped earlier this year, so some rustiness is expected. However, jumping into Finding the Flowzone was more arduous than I expected. However, I feel I can confidently say that it is more than just rustiness on my part. The levels in this pack just don’t live up to the standards of the base game. The maps feel less like there’s room to explore, and most of the choices in any given level are between going up or going down. As a result, I did not feel much need to go back and replay levels after I had completed them.

This isn’t to say that it is to be avoided at all costs. It still has the same solid gameplay as the original, and there’s plenty to unlock and do, but if you have played through the base game already you will find this a step backward in terms of difficulty and creativity. However, if you are still struggling with later levels, then it can be a refreshing change to have some levels that aren’t quite as difficult to work through. It really depends on where you are at in the game and what you are looking for.

OlliOlli World Finding the Flowzone DLC Review Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, I think this DLC doesn’t really merit its $10 price unless you are really desperate for some new levels. Again, it is not bad and there is nothing overly wrong with it, but what it offers isn’t going to be right for everyone. Waiting for a sale would not be a bad idea for most players, I think.