OlliOlli World was a gem of a title earlier this year, and the OlliOlli World VOID Riders expansion is no different. The DLC adventure adds several new levels to enjoy and master, as well as new cosmetic items to earn through challenges. It also introduces a new mechanic in the form of gravity manipulation, which makes the new levels more engaging and a bit more random.

Like the main OlliOlli World video game, VOID Riders is a relatively quick game to get through, but encourages you to play and replay levels until you master them. The challenges provided here are difficult but achievable with persistence. However, the new “Nebulord Challenges” are a step up, and will take true mastery to complete (mastery I do not have anywhere near the skill for).

This is a game that you can trust your gut on when it comes to a purchasing decision. If you loved OlliOlli World all the way through, then don’t hesitate in getting this. If you found the challenge curve towards the end of the game too much, you may want to hold off since this ups the difficulty. If you don’t like the OlliOlli World gameplay then this will do nothing to change your mind.