Uno somehow continues to be Ubisoft‘s tie-in game of choice, and this time it’s Far Cry 6‘s turn. The Call of Yara DLC adds two new optional modifiers to Uno, as well as adding Far Cry 6 images to the card faces. The modifiers added with the previous DLC tie-in, Immortals Fenyx Rising, were a bit underwhelming, but The Call of Yara does better, though still not perfect. The two modifiers are tied into a monetary system which you can use to buy special effects during your turn. You get currency every turn, and one modifier allows you to gain or lose currency when wild cards are played. That’s just the surface of the system, though. The things you can buy with the currency are a bit more interesting.

With the currency, you can buy one of four special actions, each of which has a cheaper and more expensive option. In theory, this adds a lot of chaos to the game, but in practice only two of the actions ever get used: one which makes an opponent of your choice draw cards, and one which makes you discard cards. This essentially means that anytime you get to 3 or fewer cards in your hand an opponent will force you to draw cards, which in turn means you need to gamble on the more expensive discard option and hope you get a good roll. This tends to draw the games out quite a bit since with four players chances are someone will be able to snatch victory away.

Whether or not you should grab the UNO DLC The Call of Yara really depends on how much fun you have with Uno in general. The new mechanics are genuinely entertaining and do add some layers of strategy to the game, albeit ones that are shallow, but it doesn’t fundamentally change Uno in any drastic ways. If you don’t enjoy the core Uno experience or don’t like long, protracted games then save your money. If you do enjoy Uno and can play it for long stretches without getting bored then go ahead and join the revolution today.