Ubisoft has been giving Immortals Fenyx Rising more attention than I was expecting. It has had crossovers with Netflix’s Blood of Zeus show and the popular Adventure Time cartoon, but perhaps most odd is the Fenyx inspired variant of UNO they just released. Uno Fenyx’s Quest is an add-on to the digital version of the popular game which plasters several mythical monsters onto the UNO card faces and offers a few optional gameplay twists.

The monsters may only be cosmetic, but special cards featuring the gods of Immortals Fenyx Rising change the way you play. Four cards featuring the gods are distributed randomly at the start of the game and give a permanent special power to their player once activated. You can choose to remove any number of these cards from the pool before beginning, in which case at least one of the remaining gods will be duplicated and distributed to two or more players.

In addition to these god cards, the board is cursed and will occasionally give cursed cards to each player, causing them to draw a card every turn until they can ditch the cursed card. Also included is a special “Wild Draw 4” card that lets you pick the target rather than the next person in line, and also a card that lets you discard any two other cards from your hand (and, yes, it can be used to win the game outright in the right conditions). If you choose to disable all four of the god cards then all the other special cards and effects are disabled as well, leaving you with a regular game of UNO using Fenyx-themed cards.

To make the package a little more appealing all the special cards invoke voice lines from the relevant characters. There’s also a small animation involved with each, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to have been made with much care. Both the animations and the card art are plagued with artifacting and look rougher than you would expect. The crispness of the cards themselves and the background only serves to highlight the problems here. It’s frankly an odd situation. But, at the end of the day, it’s still UNO and the quality of the art really isn’t a big factor for most players. This DLC is definitely designed to introduce UNO players to Immortals Fenyx Rising, and not the other way around. As such, you should judge whether it’s worth your $4.99 based on how much you play UNO, and not on how much you enjoyed Immortals Fenyx Rising.