For Far Cry 6 DLC, Ubisoft went hard on the rogue-lite motif, and I am ready for something new.  We had three DLC starring older Far Cry villains that started strong and ended weakly, and now we have Lost Between Worlds to round things out.  To keep the tradition set out by the original three DLC adventures, Lost Between Worlds is the worst of the bunch. 

Compared to the previous DLC, Lost Between Worlds is a stripped-down take on the rogue-lite genre.  There are only a few permanent upgrades to unlock, and it takes some effort just to get the first one.  I played for several hours before I even unlocked the ability to start accumulating permanent upgrades.  This was largely due to a core change in the game’s gunplay, which saw a shift from being rewarded for headshots to being punished for non-headshots.  Shots that hit critical targets did significant damage, but ones that don’t did only small amounts of chip damage.  Consequently, I spent way too much time with almost no ammunition, or in fights against multiple enemies who would overwhelm me while I was reloading.

This was compounded by unclear objectives in the early going.  After passing the first area you have a choice of going to a maze or a large open area filled with toxic pits.  From there… I have no idea, honestly.  I wandered around both areas heading in the vague direction of what I assumed was the objective, but ultimately it was just pure luck when I stumbled across what I needed to continue – after dying many, many times.  The areas after these were more of the same, and I realized I didn’t have the interest to continue after yet another death while reloading.

It is possible that this is strictly a “me” problem, and that as I get older my first-person shooter skills just aren’t up to par.  Regardless, I found my time with Far Cry 6 DLC Lost Between Worlds to be frustrating and tedious.  The storytelling is fine, although I think Ubisoft missed the mark just a bit on the “sidekick who insults you constantly, but is actually kind of endearing” schtick.  I desperately hope that Lost Between Worlds and the prior DLC adventures are not an indication of Ubisoft’s intended direction with future DLC for Far Cry and their other franchises.  We have seen they can make excellent story-driven DLC, like with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s offerings, so hopefully, they learn from that.  Unless you are desperate for more Far Cry content, give this one a pass.

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