We come to the finale of Far Cry 6‘s planned trio of DLC adventures, and we go out with a bit of a whimper. While Vaas‘ story was well suited for the rogue-lite style, and you could make a vague argument for Pagan Min‘s soul-searching adventure, Joseph Seed‘s tale doesn’t lend itself at all to this format. Vaas was genuinely insane and Min wrapped himself in layers of self-delusion, but Seed was always fully aware of what he was doing. The tragedy of his story is in the Voice, which guided his hand through the events of Far Cry 5. It is more detached than the rather intimate portrayals of the other antagonists, and it rings much more hollow. That isn’t to say there aren’t things to learn about Seed here, but you feel much more like an observer than a participant this time around.

The gameplay is still as fun as it was in previous outings, and the core of the Far Cry systems shines through. It’s not as robust or polished as the core games, but the slimmed-down systems work in its favor. This is our third time through this format now, so if you worked your way through Insanity and Control the path will be familiar. You start with nothing but a pistol and regret and slowly start unlocking new skills with currency and weapons through challenges. You will explore Seed’s broken psyche to find three pieces of his soul, in this case, represented by a cross, and then move on to the finale. It may take several attempts to make it to the end, but eventually, you’ll get there.

Far Cry 6 DLC Collapse Review (Joseph Seed) Final Thoughts:

As with Vaas and Min, your enjoyment of diving into Seed’s head will depend greatly on how much you enjoyed Far Cry 5 and want to revisit it. He is in many senses a more tragic character than the others, but also much harder to empathize with. This is the weakest of the three DLC, and for those of us who have played through all three, it’s a bit more of a slog. That said, Far Cry 5 fans who already own Far Cry 6 should not hesitate to run through this and learn more about a rather disturbing character. Everyone else can hold off and save it for a rainy day if you got the season pass, or even just skip it if you didn’t.