Episode 5 “No Time Left” brings Telltale Games’ Walking Dead Season One to its tragic end. Following tradition Telltale has put together some spoiler heavy statistics on the game tracked player decisions.

Everything you’ve been through over the previous four episodes comes to a head in episode 5. The “choose your own adventure” nature of the game dictates different outcomes for different players resulting in a limited number of track-able player choices. Of the seven decisions tracked by the game four deal directly with Clementine, our tiny heroine, while the other three affect Lee. 64% of players, myself included, chose Christa and Omid as Clem’s new guardians. When Lee confronted and fought the kidnapper 56% made poor little Clem into a stone cold killer when they chose to have her off him rather than doing it themselves.

Finally, as the episode comes to its end, 82% of players had Clementine restrain Lee with the handcuffs rather than the Zombie and 63% made her kill again rather than having her simply leave Lee to succumb to his bite. When confronted with the option to remove Lee’s bite infected arm most (71%) opted to cut it off. Apparently only 29% of us remember Rick cutting off a leg in the comic and how terribly that turned out. Most of us when arguing with Kenny lost our tempers and threw the mini bust at the wall, uncovering an escape route from that attic in the process. When confronted with a gun wielding kidnapper 59% of players hoped to talk their way out of the situation and gave up their weapons rather than attempting to conceal something.

Looking at these stats. and reflecting back on my decisions I’ve noticed that I went with the majority on all but one (I kept my arm). What about you, how do your choices stack up? Were you satisfied with the decisions you made?

The Walking Dead Ep 5 Recap