Marvel’s Avengers is an upcoming video game from Square Enix with tie-in one-shot comics being released monthly. While I tried being generous to the Marvel’s Avengers Hulk comic last month, assuming it was setting up villains for the game, it got even more challenging reading the latest Marvel’s Avengers Captain America comic book.

This one-shot issue weaves together two Captain America stories set in different time periods but doesn’t have much to say despite that. In the distant past of World War II – Cap works with an intelligence team to infiltrate a Nazi research base. In the present, Cap fights Batroc the Leaper — in his traditionally absurd comic attire instead of his mercenary gear from the Captain America Winter Soldier movie — and defeats him. That’s it. Aside from a single plot thread where Cap uses a skill he learned in World War II to figure out Batroc’s plan in the present there’s no depth here.

Marvel’s Avengers Captain America Comic Review Final Thoughts:

I fully expected that Marvel’s Avengers Hulk would be the most skippable comic in the Marvel’s Avengers comic lineup, but it appears I was wrong. Both of the stories in this issue are utterly generic Captain America plots that have played out dozens of times over the decades, and even interweaving lessons from World War II into the present isn’t a new idea.

It is possible that there are some details hiding here which will lead into the Marvel’s Avengers video game, but that seems highly unlikely at the moment. There’s nothing overtly bad about this comic — both the art and storytelling are entirely serviceable — it is just bland and unnecessary. Skip this one unless you want the entire collection of tie-in comics.