The Hulk has always been difficult to write stories for. He works well in ensemble pieces, but writers have long struggled to give him a worthwhile solo story. There are a few good stories out there, but compared to his fellow Avengers it’s much harder to dig through the rubbish to find gold. Thus it is quite telling that writer Jim Zub decided to have the Marvel’s Avengers Hulk comic focus largely on two side characters instead of Bruce or his alter ego. Sure he fits in a slugging match with the D-list villain Zzzax, because that’s what you do in superhero books, but George Tarleton and Monica take the spotlight for the most part.

Both names mentioned above are associated with recent incarnations of long-time Avengers villains, so chances are this is more of an origin story for them. That said, there is nothing particularly noteworthy you can pull from this story that will be critical to understanding the upcoming game Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers.

Out of the three released Marvel’s Avengers tie-in comics this is the easiest to ignore. While it does potentially set up two classic Avengers villains for the video game there doesn’t seem to be anything here that will be important to know. Other than using the classic trope of having a scientist who feels marginalized by his more famous colleagues there isn’t even much here to indicate that these characters will be villains at all (and one might not even be, as their name might just be a coincidence… but that seems unlikely). Unless you are set on completing your collection of Marvel’s Avengers tie-in comics this one is pretty safe to skip.