We had a chance to play Just Cause 4 at a recent Square Enix media event and we’re happy to say the game is fun, chaotic and runs smooth. Just Cause 4 developed by Avalanche Studios will be out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 4, 2018. The game features familiar gameplay as before with Rico Rodriguez on an island called Solis searching for answers to his father’s death.

Just Cause 4 gunplay and the grapple-hook action feels smooth and rewarding with a variety of ways to take enemies down. The game encourages you to play around with different combos and boosters to take down targets on foot and in the air. When you play Just Cause 4 you kind of get the sense that ‘anything goes’ as long as you can imagine it – you can do it. We saw the game developers use the retract feature on the grapple-hook to launch a motorcycle in the air and also witnessed them using boosters on a merry-go-round to make it spin super fast.

We’ll have more on Just Cause 4 when the final game releases but for now our only minor gripes were that we struggled sometimes trying to figure out where enemy gunfire was coming from and the wingsuit takes time to get the hang of it.