The gaming industry is constantly advancing. With the help of new technologies, people are able to experience games unlike ever before. However, we will see a lot of new and exciting trends in the upcoming years that will change gaming forever.

Whether you are a professional gamer or just play casually, you are going to be excited about these upcoming trends. Video gamers spend an average of seven hours each week playing video games, and this number has been increasing for the last couple of years.

Let’s go through the future gaming technology trends and find out what we can expect for the next year.

Hyper-immersive gameplay by using Virtual Reality and Photorealistic graphics

Even though game graphics look incredible nowadays, there is still a way to go until you cannot tell if it is real life or game. The latest NBA 2K21 which features some of the best teams in the NBA will have eye-watering graphics on their PS5 showcase (the game will be released for old gen on the September 4th). However, can you imagine combining photorealistic graphics with virtual reality? – It would be amazing.

Virtual reality already exists, but the graphics are still very cartoonish, and the level of immersion can be very clunky. Some gaming companies already started to work on their photorealistic graphics on PC and console games, but the combination with virtual reality has still far to go.

We expect that the latest virtual reality headsets will be able to render 3D graphics that will look like real-life, those you can get with to get the best set of headsets for the greatest experience.

Cloud Gaming

The idea behind cloud gaming is not something new. In fact, Google came up with Stadia a few years ago, and the solution is a game-changer. However, in the future, we will see PC and consoles that will start to adopt the idea behind cloud gaming.

Basically, you will be able to play any game you like through a live stream on your device. So, this means that you could have a low-performance PC but still will be able to play the latest games since they will run on high-performance servers all across the world. Also, there will be no waiting for updates since all games will already be updated.

This would be a huge hit for companies that develop gaming parts for computers.

Return of Handheld Consoles

Back in the 2000s, you were a true game lover if you had a handheld gaming device. However, we haven’t seen such consoles until the Nintendo Switch came out, and people loved it. Additionally, there is a massive increase in mobile gaming. Nowadays, smartphones are very powerful, which means that they could easily run more complex games than before.

All of these things suggest that console companies will start to develop handheld consoles once again. It would be amazing to see what they can achieve with today’s modern technology.

Socially Engaging Virtual Reality Games

Often the virtual reality is considered as a technology that isolates gamers from other people. However, the future of gaming technology will transform games into virtual space rather than playing alone.

We expect to see a lot of new creative ways where you can interact with people using virtual technology. There are games like VRChat that are already making progress with this idea, and in a few months, we might see it as our new reality.

Open-Source game development

The gaming industry is mostly dominated by colossal AAA game developers or smaller companies, which means that it is very hard to enter this industry alone. However, this will all fade away since new tools arise that will make the idea behind a software development kit (SDK) less important. 

This means that small game developers or lone wolfs can be able to release their own games. 

Future Gaming Technology Trends We Should Expect in 2021 Final Words

The gaming industry will go through a lot of changes in the next year. As game lovers, we are all here to witness this change that most of us are really excited about. The future of gaming sounds great, and we just have to wait and see if it becomes a reality. Many benefits or advantages can be listed when it comes to buying a LoL account at Below a few of them are mentioned. These benefits help players to grow as well as their characters.