Bethesda announced and confirmed a handful of games this year at their E3 Expo 2016 Press Conference.  Overall the press conference was more polished than EA’s Press Conference earlier in the day and each presenter carried an extra sense of confidence – except maybe the nervous but talented Dishonored 2 developer.

Bethesda kicked things off with an announcement and reveal of Quake Champions by showing a CGI trailer with different types of players using mostly energy weapons.  Quake Champions looks promising enough from what little we were shown – the developers mentioned how fast the game would run and an emphasis on their competitive gaming initiatives with more details forthcoming at Quakecon.

The Elder Scrolls Legends was showcased at the pre-show and main stage and is a strategy card game based in the Elder Scrolls universe which is still in beta and launching soon.  DLC from Fallout 4 was showcased and features plenty of stuff based on building and workshop gameplay with Nukaworld DLC releasing in August 2016.

Speaking of The Elder Scrolls – Skyrim Re-Mastered was confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC with improved graphics and mods that will work on console.  The comparison walkthrough gameplay from old graphics to new was significantly enhanced.


Prey (not Prey 2) was revealed during the Bethesda Press Conference and looks like a completely different game than what we saw years ago.  The Prey environment is set in the future and some designs reminded us of Dead Space.  The developers of Prey mentioned something about ‘mindbender’ abilities and we got to see the protagonist of the game change appearances like a minor mutation.

Doom DLC will arrive soon with new maps and for those who want to sample the game – you can download it now for free and play the first level.  This special deal on Doom will only last the week of E3 – so take advantage!

The Elder Scrolls Online got some stage time and showed their ‘The Dark Brotherhood‘ DLC trailer and talked about new modes and unlocking stuff that will give more freedom in partying up with friends.  There’s also going to be some type of Bethesda VR initiative in the coming years kicking off with Doom and Fallout 4 – we’ll see how that advances.

The Bethesda Press Conference ended with an extensive demo and walkthrough for Dishonored 2 which lands November 11, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.  Dishonored 2 features supernatural assassins and you can play as Corvo once again or Emily who is all grown up as the game takes place 15 years since the last one ended.  The developers on stage talked about the new ‘Void Engine’ which is meant to give more ‘realistic lighting’ and almost a ‘moving paintings’ feel to Dishonored 2.