Watch Dogs from Ubisoft has been building hype since last E3 when it was revealed.  We had a chance to see an extensive hands-off preview of the gameplay at E3 Expo and came away wanting more.  Watch Dogs is free-roaming game with mission objective areas/hubs – by completing objective you will unlock more areas and expand your control over the technology in the surrounding areas.

The developers showed us how Watch Dogs can use tech and stealth to take on an area surrounded by guards.  You can also scan NPC’s in the game to anticipate crimes about to be committed and decided if you would like to intervene or not.  Most of what we saw at E3 with Watch Dogs felt much like the Batman comic book in which Batman watches over Gotham City protecting the innocent.

The HUD is busy with tons of information like names and stats of people around you and their character traits – it’s all meant to be absorbed and digested for you to decide as the player how you’d like to make use of the information on screen.

Something new we saw was a second non-NPG player try to hack into our current game that was running independently – sort of like an in-game mini meta-game unfolded with two gamers in a mini-mission to ‘out-hack’ the other.  An interesting spin on the multiplayer experience and maybe hitting a bit close to home when you think of all the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems that were ‘hacked’ in real life!

Watch Dogs comes out later this year in 2013 from Ubisoft on all platforms.

Watch Dogs E3 Trailer