The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games has been a smash hit for the company since season one debuted a few years back. With season two finally debuting this year the series is once again pulling people into the story about a little girl’s struggles to survive in a world filled with zombies. The break between episode one and two was long, but boy was it worth it. If you have yet to play season two episode one go do so before reading any more here, or watching any of our videos! If you have not played season one… who are you? Go do it now! Season two episode two of The Walking Dead continues to pack a ton of emotion and some tough choices into a hearty chunk of game, and continues to do it very well.

Episode two follows Clementine after she was captured and taken in by a group of people surviving in a house in the woods and after some tragic events befall the uncle of one of the characters, leading to a slow spiral downhill for what the others describe as a “level-headed guy.” It follows the group as they depart the house and head for higher, more northern, ground. The nice thing about this episode is you finally begin to slow down and you get to really learn about the new characters that Clementine is surrounded by. The episode looks both into the future, and into the past with some interesting twists and turns giving way to an ultimate showdown of sorts to end the chapter. The choices Telltale tasks the player with are intense as ever and once again people end up living or dying based on how you decide. The story is much heavier this time, and the action much lighter allowing for more depth to be brought into season two, something episode one was light on. We even end up with a very creepy villain to root against! With so many revelations, twists, and such a heavy load of character development episode two cleary is meant to make the player much more involved in the world and characters once again.

Overall episode two has easily topped episode one and the series continues to build momentum towards some devastating conclusion down the road. We now have a more solid cast of characters and the season feels more like season one with multiple people of different backgrounds and views comprising the party. Not everyone is nice, not everyone is smart, and not everyone has Clementine’s best interests in mind. This results in a “together alone” feeling that season one didn’t quite share, being that Lee and Clem were typically always on the same page. If you enjoyed season two episode one you’ll love episode two for sure. I only hope the time between two and three is not near as long as the months in-between one and two.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Gameplay