The Treasure Hunters‘ is a 1981 Shaw Brothers classic kung fu comedy starring Alexander Fu Sheng, Chan-Peng Chang, Gordon Liu, Johnny Wang and more!

‘The Treasure Hunters’ is a rollicking kung fu caper that promises a delightful blend of laughs and martial arts mayhem. In this cinematic escapade, a wealthy young man, fueled by the ambition of making a name for himself, embarks on a quest to uncover a long-lost treasure. Little does he know that the path to fortune is fraught with peril, mystery, and a cast of quirky characters.

At the heart of the mischief are Alexander Fu Sheng and Chan-Peng Chang, the dynamic duo determined to unearth the hidden riches. Along the way, they encounter the formidable Gordon Liu, cast in the role of a wandering Buddhist monk, and Johnny Wang, adding his flair to the ensemble.

As the narrative unfolds, the plot takes a lighthearted turn, blending silly escapades with spirited martial arts action. The ensemble cast, driven by the shared goal of finding the elusive treasure, delivers a performance brimming with comedic flair and high-energy showdowns.

True to the classic Shaw Brothers style, the film reserves its most exhilarating moments for the grand finale. Brace yourself for an epic brawl that brings the entire cast together in a crescendo of laughter and kung fu prowess.