The Sword of Swords is a martial arts wuxia Shaw Brothers film from 1968 starring Jimmy Wang Yu which was recently released on Blu-ray from Shout Factory as part of their Shaw Brothers Classics Collection Volume 1 Box Set.

In this thrilling adventure, a mysterious and magical sword captures the attention of many, with everyone vying to possess its power. Our hero, played by Jimmy Wang Yu, finds himself in the midst of this engrossing adventure when he unexpectedly becomes the sword’s chosen bearer. But, a sneaky turncoat named Fang, portrayed by Tien Feng, has different plans, hoping to snatch the legendary sword for himself!

The Sword of Swords has an epic showdown as Jimmy Wang Yu faces off against Tien Feng in a breathtaking duel filled with close-ups and thrilling handheld camera work. And as if that’s not enough, the middle section of the film gets intense, with our hero’s family facing some serious trouble—kidnapping, torture, and all that stuff. But hey, Wang Yu is not one to back down, and he’ll show you what a true wuxia hero is made of!

The excitement doesn’t stop there; brace yourselves for a snow-covered battle between Jimmy Wang Yu and Tien Feng that packs some surprising twists and brutal action!

Sure, we had a couple of minor gripes, like those archers who seemed weak despite their early introduction, and what’s the deal with Yellow Robe? Maybe there’s a sequel in the works? Fingers crossed!