The Rebel Intruders” is a martial arts kung fu movie from 1980 from Shaw Brothers which will be included in the Shout Factory Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 4 box set.

Starring martial arts legends Philip Kwok, Lo Mang, Lu Feng, Sun Chien, and Chiang Sheng, “The Rebel Intruders” tells the compelling story of three refugees who forge a brotherhood in a town plagued by the tyranny of various martial arts clans. Interestingly, this film is a departure from the typical directing style of Chang Cheh, a notable figure in martial arts cinema.

One of the standout features of “The Rebel Intruders” is its exceptional martial arts sequences and choreography. Throughout the movie, viewers are treated to captivating fight scenes that highlight the remarkable skills of the cast. Philip Kwok, in particular, shines in his role, often wielding a three-sectional staff to devastating effect.

In the third act, Lu Feng’s pivotal appearance and significance of a cameo by Chin Siu-Ho as one of the Spearmen elevate the film’s final battle.