Last year HB Studios introduced The Golf Club as an alternate golf game for consoles and the PC. This was especially welcome for PC gamers such as myself, who struggle with finding golf games with a good simulation mode. While it wasn’t perfect, The Golf Club was a great entry and I sank a lot of time into the game. In late June, HB Studios and Maximum Games released the sequel, The Golf Club 2, and it does not disappoint. The Golf Club 2 takes what worked in the original game and vastly improved upon those items including graphics, customization options and multiplayer.

The graphics in the original game were visually impressive, but I did find a few times where the trees and shadows were blocky and uninspiring. The graphics in The Golf Club 2 are improved and many new objects have been added to the game including multi-tiered waterfalls. These new objects along with new tools provide course designers more opportunity to recreate real golf courses inside the game including the option to add multiple tee boxes and pins.

In my opinion, the biggest addition in The Golf Club 2 is the introduction of Societies. Societies are essentially customizable seasons. The new career mode is an offline society where computer AI opponents compete against you in a series of predetermined events which comprise a season. A great feature of your career society is that you can edit the name and nationality of the AI opponents in your society. Instead of playing against Peter Hanson, you can play against virtual representations of actual PGA Tour pros. Event names are also editable during your season. Progressing through your career allows you to upgrade your Society and add additional events to your current season.

the golf club 2 review

Multiplayer options are also greatly improved with the use of Societies. You can set up a Society and customize the clubhouse with your own colors and backdrop. After configuring the look of your Society, you decide your membership requirements. Is it a Public Society or is it only for you and your friends? Do you want to require players to pay a membership? The good thing about those membership fees is you can use them as a purse for tournament events. There are a ton of options to configure your society and you can join up to 5 societies and set one as your primary Society.

The course selection screen has been overhauled and is now easier to find the course you want to play or try one of the current most popular courses. Ghost and Rival player options are also updated. You can now search for players currently on the course and even if they are not on your Friends list, you can add them to your group as a rival. If a course has multiple tee boxes, each player can set the tee box used on each hole. The is perfect for when you play you friend that is a better golfer than you. Make them hit from the tees the farthest back and you his from the normal tees. If you still lose, maybe it’s time to go back to the driving range.

The Golf Club 2 retails for $39.99 and is available On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. It’s a great successor to the first title and is a must buy for any golf fan. Go pick up your copy today and enjoy some quality virtual golfing.

The Golf Club 2 on PC


The Golf Club 2 Review Score



  • Deeper career mode
  • Improved graphics, more character customizations
  • Multiplayer Online Societies added
  • Practice areas (driving range, putting green)


  • Can't leave a joined society
  • Occasional obstructed camera views