The Delightful Forest” is a Shaw Brothers martial arts wuxia film from 1972 that was recently released on Blu-ray by Shout Factory as part of the Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 2 Collection.

Dive into the riveting world of martial arts with “The Delightful Forest,” a 1972 film that showcases the formidable skills of Ti Lung as Wu Sung, a character he would later revisit in iconic productions like “The Water Margin” and “All Men Are Brothers.”

The film unfolds with a captivating plot as Ti Lung’s character finds himself imprisoned after seeking vengeance for a family’s tragedy. His fate takes a turn when a sympathetic magistrate steps in to assist him. United by a common cause, they join forces to liberate a town seized by a nefarious martial artist.

The cinematic prowess of “The Delightful Forest” is most evident in its stunning finale battle. The camera work is a standout, employing close up shots and dynamic handheld sequences that are not only visually compelling but also easy to track. Ti Lung delivers a stellar performance, showcasing an impressive array of kicks with remarkable power and finesse.