The Croods from Dreamworks is a 3D animated film about a prehistoric family struggling to avoid extinction by traveling to new lands and adventure.  Overall the movie was tons of fun with exceptional animation and use of the 3D environment.  Many of the comedy gags were visual and harkened back to fun loving cartoons like Tom & Jerry but the movie also displayed a level of depth for the ‘older kids’ in the audience.

Ryan Reynolds displays a stellar voice-acting performance as the witty new-age character ‘Guy‘ there may be a future for him once the good looks on-screen are gone while Emma Stone shines as his lady-interest character in ‘Eep‘.  With so many movies now being recycled content or sequels it was refreshing to see a new take on the hero’s journey and themes regarding modern versus outdated thinking.

Our friends at 3DPublisher are handling the franchise rights to The Croods video game called Prehistoric Party which as the name suggests is a party game for the whole family to participate in – you can check out the trailer for that below – in the meantime go see The Croods in theaters this weekend!

The Croods Video Review

The Croods Prehistoric Party Trailer