The Crimson Charm,” a wuxia martial arts film from 1971 produced by the esteemed Shaw Brothers studio. Directed by Huang Feng and featuring a talented ensemble cast, this film has left a significant mark in the realm of martial arts cinema.

“The Crimson Charm” stars Chang Yi as Han Yu, Ivy Ling Po as Yu Fang-Fang, Shih Szu as Chiang Shang-Ching and Fang Mian as Chief Chiang Tzu-Chao.

The film surrounds the drama of an aging martial artist and his students versus The Crimson Charm Gang.

“The Crimson Charm” is renowned for its numerous fight sequences, character dynamics and features shifting roles for both protagonists and antagonists.

Additionally, “The Crimson Charm” contains noteworthy cameos by esteemed actors such as Ku Feng, James Tien, and Lam Ching-Ying, adding depth to the film’s already impressive cast.