The Chinese Boxer‘ from 1970 stars Jimmy Wang Yu, Wong Ping, Cheng Lei, Lo Lieh and was also directed by Jimmy Wang Yu for Shaw Brothers and recently released by 88 Films on Blu-ray.

In this exciting adventure, Wang Yu plays a brave martial artist seeking revenge against a ruthless gang of karate experts who terrorize his town.

When Wang Yu’s friends are brutally attacked and killed by the karate thugs, he trains tirelessly to hone his skills and prepare for a showdown. Along the way, he encounters colorful characters and faces dangerous challenges, all while staying focused on his mission to defeat the evil gang.

One of the coolest things about this movie is its focus on hand-to-hand combat, which was a fresh change from the classic sword-wielding heroes of previous films. Plus, the story is super easy to follow, with each character having their own unique goals and motivations.

While there could have been more training sequences to show Wang Yu’s journey to becoming a skilled fighter, the movie still packs a punch with its exciting action scenes and memorable characters.