The Bride from Hell” is a 1971 Shaw Brothers gothic ghost story that was recently released on Blu-ray as part of the Shout Factory Shaw Brothers Classics Volume Two.

Starring Margaret Hsing as Anu, the enigmatic bride, and Yang Fang as Nie Yun Peng, one of the two travelers who stumbles upon a mysterious mansion, the film immediately establishes an air of intrigue and apprehension.

The narrative revolves around a chance encounter that leads to two hasty marriages within the confines of a secluded mansion. However, not everything is as it seems. Anu, one of the brides, harbors a sinister secret, leaving her husband and the rest of the household in a state of perpetual unease.

As the tension escalates, the family and villagers are determined to rid themselves of this perceived malevolent presence. Their attempts at exorcism and purging the supernatural entity take a bumbling and somewhat comical turn, providing an intriguing contrast to the gothic horror theme.

While “The Bride from Hell” attempts to create a visually captivating gothic horror atmosphere, it falls short of delivering the expected chills and thrills. The narrative, unfortunately, lacks the depth and complexity needed to sustain audience engagement. Despite its efforts, the film struggles to achieve genuine moments of fear or suspense.