Shout Factory is releasing The Brave Archer Collection on April 18, 2023, directly through its website as a limited edition of 2,500 units. The Brave Archer Collection consists of five movies, each on their own respective disc: The Brave Archer (1977), The Brave Archer 2 (1978), The Brave Archer 3 (1981), The Brave Archer and His Mate (1982), and Little Dragon Maiden (1983).

The first four films in The Brave Archer series were directed by legendary Shaw Brothers filmmaker Chang Cheh. This box set also includes a documentary, interviews, trailers, and commentaries on the last two films in the series. This is the first time Shout Factory has dipped its toes in releasing a collection of Shaw Brothers films and has already announced an upcoming box set (Shaw Brothers Collection Volume 1) that will include movies from the 1960s Shaw Brothers vault.