There is a certain level of quality I have come to expect from Telltale Games. And that expectation has grown since the days of Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit. Tales from the Borderlands continues this fine tradition with its first episode: Zer0 Sum.

Set on Pandora in the wake of Borderlands 2, Tales from the Borderlands follows Fiona, a con artist looking to make a quick buck and Rhys, a Hyperion ‘Yes Man’ looking to make a quick ascent up the corporate ladder. Hilarity ensues when they find out they have bungled the other’s plans for success and must work together to have a chance at big money.

That’s what is really great about Tales from the Borderlands. The story is fantastic and funny. There is plenty of witty repartee between Rhys and Fiona, as well as quick quips from the supporting cast. The voice cast is outstanding with great performances from Troy Baker, Nolan North and Patrick Warburton. Honestly, the only thing that would have made it better would be the game also having H. Jon Benjamin.

The art style is a wonderful blend of Telltale’s main ingredients and Borderlands’ cel-shaded, signature sauce. It was just plain beautiful. If I have any complaints at all, it’s that the game follows that trademark Telltale script and while I really enjoy the ride, I do wonder how long until the ride will start to feel old after Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones and now Borderlands. Only time will tell.

Overall, Tales from the Borderlands, Episode 1: Zer0 Sum is a wonderful ride full of laughs and enjoyable set pieces. If you are a fan of Borderlands, Telltale games or adventure games in general, you will not regret picking up this game. I thought it was great fun and I’m looking forward to episode 2.

Tales from the Borderlands Trailer