With everything else that the Dragon Ball franchise has accomplished in the last 35 years, it’s not too hard to imagine that it has also spawned a hit digital trading card game. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is the culmination of eight Dragon Ball Heroes arcade and handheld games and the first two Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission manga, and a great way to spend time during your commute to school or work. Rather than focusing on fast-paced fighting like Jump Force, Dragon Ball FighterZ or Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the tension in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission comes from the strategy involved in putting together the cards and placing them on the right spot on the board at the right time to take your enemies down.

The first game in the series to be released in English, Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission features plenty of content to keep gamers entertained, including 350+ characters, 1,000+ cards to collect, and the ability to create your own avatar. The game also features local and online battle modes, which will let fans of the franchise duel it out anywhere they go. Even if you’re not familiar with the Dragon Ball Heroes series of card games, the mechanics are easy enough for novice players to pick up in a few rounds. Plus there’s an original story to follow and appearances by characters from nearly every corner of Universe 7 (along with all of their super-flashy moves). It’s not as fast-paced as FighterZ is, but you will have to stay on your toes in order to know when to rest your characters and mitigate the damage you’ll take.   

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review Final Thoughts:

Though it is a card game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission isn’t a completely passive experience. It takes practice to know when it’s best to attack or retreat, as well as identifying the best cards to use that effectively complement the strengths of others. Battling also sometimes brings about a quick-time event to determine the victor, though all it really takes is a single skilled button press. There’s just enough action in this game to keep you engaged, but collecting the Z Fighters and their cohorts are what’ll keep you coming back for another go.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission on Switch


Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review Score



  • Over 1,000 cards to collect featuring hundreds of your favorite Dragon Ball characters.
  • Flashy battles that can be won within minutes- the perfect title to play during lunch breaks and between study periods.
  • Online and offline multiplayer modes.


  • An extensive initial tutorial mode that may scare new players away.
  • Graphics that are dated for the current console generation, but perfectly fine to play portable on the Switch.