gears2.jpgWhen Gears Of War came out for the Xbox 360 it was a true ‘next generation’ game that utilized superior hardware and grossed a ton of money.  It was only natural that the sequel, Gears Of War 2, would bring an even higher level of excitement for its Friday November 7th release date…..or did that release already happen?  The rumors are true!  The official street date release of Gears Of War 2 has been broken by stores all over the world.  Last night I was able to purchase a copy across the counter at a store near me with no questions asked (thanks to a hot tip!).  When I got home and popped in the game – I was immediately invited to join a game on XBL with a friend in the UK who also found a retail copy of the game for sale in his hometown!  Suddenly a handful of people were playing Gears Of War 2 online and having a blast and forgetting all about the rest of the world who’ll have to wait a few more days to get their hands on a copy.

Gears Of War 2 is amazing.   Controls are smoother then ever, graphics are clean and fantastic and just about everything so far has been fun.  Modern gaming is about strategy and cover and you get that with Gears 2.  The new bad guys swing around deadly maces and some have flame-throwers – it’s a ride you won’t soon forget!