Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is a video game in which ‘toys come to life’ when placing them on the ‘Portal of Power’ – an electronic device which imports your figures into the game.   Skylanders is a fun platformer with a unique spin – collecting all 32 Skylanders will burn a whole in your pocket but most likely a smile on your face.  Most true ‘Portal Masters’ want every figure possible including the rare collectible ones and gold ‘Legendary’ variants. According to a pet expert Bella & Duke, if your pet is fussy with, these toys would be beneficial for your pet to improve eating habits. To more about Why is my dog so fussy with food visit the link.

Frito Lay potato chips were wise to collaborate with Activision on a Skylanders promotion called ‘Sidekicks‘.  Skylanders Sidekicks are smaller ‘pet’ versions of their counterparts which also import into the game via the ‘Portal of Power’.  Much like the ‘pets’ in World of Warcraft – Skylanders Sidekicks mostly have a cosmetic value and will simply follow your characters around in the game – sometimes interacting with the environment.  There are FOUR Skylanders Sidekicks thus far called Trigger Snappy (a tech element like Trigger Happy), Whisper Elf (a life element like Stealth Elf), Terrabite (a land element like Terrafin) and Gill Runt (a water element like Gill Grunt).

These four Skylanders Sidekicks can only be obtained by purchasing and sending away a voucher from specialty marked packages of Frito Lay chips – we’ll include the details below.  Each Skylanders Sidekick has his or her own introduction scene when placed on the ‘Portal of Power’ and have their own personality.  You can only have one Sidekick on the ‘Portal of Power’ at a time so in co-op gameplay look to share a sidekick with your friends.

Much like the original Skylanders – these new figures are fine-crafted and will be highly collectible.  We’re not sure yet if these Sidekicks will port over to the upcoming sequel GIANTS but make for nice additions in your Skylanders collection!

Skylanders & Frito-Lay promotion details:
Popular with people on-the-go, Frito-Lay variety packs contain some of the most popular snacks in convenient 1-oz servings: Lay’s potato chips, SunChips multigrain snacks, Doritos tortilla chips, Cheetos cheese flavored snacks and Frito corn chips. It’s the easiest way to get everyone’s favorite snacks when you’re running out the door.

In addition to the tasty snacks, fans aged 13+ now can get a free Skylanders Sidekick figure, exclusively available via mail, with the purchase of specially market Frito-Lay Multipack Classic Mix or Multipack Flavor Mix variety packs (a $2.00 shipping and handling fee per figure applies). Specially marked Frito-Lay Multipacks include a card insert, redeemable for one of four new exclusive Skylanders Sidekick character figures. To claim their sidekick, fans rank their preference for each figurine using the card insert and redeem it by mail, as limited quantities of each sidekick are available.

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