Shout Factory is releasing a collection of Shaw Brothers classic movies on Blu-ray, bringing together a treasure trove of martial arts and action-packed cinema. Shout Factory had already announced Shaw Brothers Classics Volume One which is coming out in June 2023 but today they announced that Shaw Brothers Classics Volume Two will be coming out in August 2023. Make sure to save up your money if you are interested in getting these classic kung fu martial arts movies on Blu-ray!

Get ready to view the breathtaking beauty and thrilling martial arts prowess in films like “Lady of Steel” (1970), “Brothers Five” (1970), “The Crimson Charm” (1971), “The Shadow Whip” (1971), “The Delightful Forest” (1972), “The Devil’s Mirror” (1972), “Man of Iron” (1972), “The Water Margin” (1972), “The Bride from Hell” (1971), “Heroes Two” (1974), “The Flying Guillotine” (1975), “The Dragon Missile” (1976) as part of the Shout Factory Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 2 Collection.

These iconic Shaw Brothers classics have left an indelible mark on the martial arts genre, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide with their stunning fight choreography, captivating storylines, and unforgettable characters. From tales of honor and revenge to tales of bravery and redemption, this collection offers a diverse range of cinematic experiences that showcase the craftsmanship and artistry of the Shaw Brothers studio.

We expect Shout Factory to release a meticulous restoration and high-definition transfers on Blu-ray as part of this collection. Immerse yourself in the colorful worlds, mesmerizing fight sequences, and the rich cultural tapestry of these films, as you witness the golden age of Shaw Brothers cinema brought to life in your own home.