Even if you’re not familiar with the manga or long-running anime series, One Piece World Seeker is a fun and approachable action adventure game that can help you get your pirate fantasy fix. Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by Ganbarion (Dragon Ball Fusions, Jump Ultimate Stars) the game lets you maneuver the stretchy-limbed Monkey D. Luffy as he swings and smashes his way across the open world of Prison Island in an original story faithful to the spirit of the source material. One Piece World Seeker is an absolute joy to look at and play, with visuals that are faithful to the world of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Licensed video games tend to get a bad reputation due to poor quality production, but that’s not the case with One Piece World Seeker. Sure, you can wallop most of the game’s enemies with similar combos, but there is depth available through Luffy’s expanding (pun intended) skill tree. Quests are relatively simple, though sometimes the qualifications to complete them can be a little unclear. Fortunately, you’ll have a whole lot of fun traversing cityscapes and dodging naval sniper fire along the way. The combat learning curve isn’t too steep, which is great for gamers of all skill levels who just want to enjoy their time in the One Piece universe instead of treading lightly every time they square off against an opponent. If you’re looking for a robust third-person experience in Luffy’s sandals, this is the most complete package developed thus far.

One Piece World Seeker Review

One Piece World Seeker Review Final Thoughts:

Combining elements of other popular open-world adventure games and putting them in a universe that has been airing internationally for nearly two decades, One Piece World Seeker is a worthwhile voyage for die-hard One Piece fans. If you’ve ever wanted to live out your swashbuckling Luffy fantasies, this is the best opportunity to do so thus far. It’s easy to see how much thought and care is put into the game after just a few hours of playing, and I’ve no doubt it will have a huge influence on future voyages in the franchise.

One Piece World Seeker on PS4


One Piece World Seeker Review Score



  • Easy combat and maneuverability.
  • Crisp graphics and an enjoyable storyline.
  • Can’t-miss experience for fans of the popular anime and manga franchise.


  • Aside from Luffy, other Straw Hat pirates are merely NPCs.
  • Getting caught in sniper crossfire can be frustrating in naval bases and across city rooftops.