Masked Avengers is a Shaw Brothers classic martial arts kung fu film from 1981 directed by Chang Cheh. Masked Avengers will be included in the upcoming Shout Factory Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 4 box set.

Starring the formidable trio of Sheng Chiang, Lu Feng, and Philip Kwok, “Masked Avengers” introduces us to a shadowy world of hired assassins who conceal their identities behind enigmatic masks. As we delve into this complex narrative, we’ll witness most of the drama unfold within the confines of an inn, setting the stage for intense confrontations and unexpected alliances.

At the heart of the story is a trio of skilled mercenaries hired to investigate and track down a ruthless gang of masked killers who are terrorizing the countryside. As suspicions rise and allegiances are tested, the leader of the trio begins to question whether one of his own men might be a spy for the elusive criminals.