In 2022, LEGO and 2K partnered to create sports-themed games and LEGO 2K Drive by Visual Concepts is the first game under this new partnership. LEGO 2K Drive is an open-world racing game similar to the Forza Horizon series but with far more brick objects to smash as you drive around the various maps.

Entering the video game you are presented with a quick and entertaining tutorial on the mechanics. Once completed, you can choose one of 4 modes, Story, Cup Series, Race, and Minigame. Stepping back from the Play menu you can also select the Garage and Unkie’s Emporium which is the store where you can buy additional vehicles with the currency you earn in-game.

Story mode places you in a battle against another driver that doesn’t like you. Your goal is to win and beat other rivals in order to gain flags that show you are the better driver with the ultimate goal of winning the Big Trophy. I enjoyed the various missions scattered throughout each biome. One mission had me driving around collecting animals and a few minutes later I was tasked with jumping over farm buildings. They provided a good alternative if you need a break from racing.

As you progress through the game you will unlock multiple biomes, each with its own unique environment, characters, vehicles, and missions. Exploring the biome is a lot of fun and LEGO 2K Drive utilizes a hot-swap system automatically switching between vehicle types based on your current terrain. Visit The Garage to select which vehicles you want to use for road, dirt, and water. Don’t like any of your current available vehicles, no problem, build your own.

Creating your own vehicle in LEGO 2K Drive is a rabbit hole where some may find themselves trying to build their most crazy or powerful vehicle only to find that hours have passed by. Select the type of vehicle you want to build and get to work. You can use many of the standard LEGO sizes such as 1×1 and 3×2 bricks when creating your masterpiece. Occasionally, you may run into a piece that doesn’t want to be placed where you want it but overall it’s a pretty smooth experience. My review copy was on Steam so using the mouse made building that much easier. There is an option to test drive your new creation so you can see if it performs the way you want.

I mentioned Unkie’s Emporium earlier where you can buy new vehicles and other items. There are some cool items in the store but microtransactions are also present. It’s unfortunate as I’m sure many will not want to spend additional real-world money to purchase items in the store. A better alternative would be some sort of user-created module where you can share your crazy creation with the community.

LEGO 2K Drive Review Final Thoughts:

I had a blast playing LEGO 2K Drive and I think fans of LEGO, racing games, and smashing stuff in a video game will have a fun time playing!

LEGO 2K Drive on PC


LEGO 2K Drive Review Score



  • Unique open-world racing environments.
  • Powerful tools to build custom vehicles.
  • Easy to learn controls.


  • Microtransactions.
  • Small online community.