Legend of the Fox is a martial arts kung fu movie from the Shaw Brothers studio and director Chang Cheh from 1980 and features most of the Venom Mob members in action.

“Legend of the Fox” begins with an intriguing opening scene, where all the key players converge in one location to seek refuge from the pouring rain. As the tale unfolds, we are taken on a gripping ride through an extended flashback, guided by a mysterious figure with a scar on his face. Prepare for an enthralling flashback within a flashback as Philip Kwok and Feng Lu engage in a captivating sword fight that spans numerous days.

At the heart of “Legend of the Fox” is Chin Siu-ho‘s portrayal of Hu Fei, a young man seeking the missing pages of his father’s kung fu manual to avenge his father’s legacy. However, this quest takes an unexpected turn, shifting gears about halfway through the movie, leaving viewers surprised and perhaps slightly disoriented.

While the first half of the film is packed with friendly sparring and some engaging action, the second half seemingly presents a different story, almost as if two movies were jammed together. This shift in narrative makes it a bit challenging to maintain the initial level of interest and investment in the film.

Throughout the movie, we witness legendary Venom Mob members, Chiang Sheng, Feng Lu, and Philip Kwok, in action. Yet, the film departs from the usual underdog or intensive training sequences typically associated with the Venom Mob, which may leave some viewers yearning for more.