Killer Darts is a 1968 Shaw Brothers Martial Arts Wuxia film directed by Ho Meng Hua starring Yueh Hua and Chin Ping. Killer Darts was recently released on Blu-ray from Shout Factory as part of their Shaw Brothers Classics Collection box set Volume 1.

The film opens with a brutal slaughter scene from the villain bandits to Liu Wen Long‘s estate and family. Liu Wen Long exacts his revenge against the bandit leader by chopping off his hand. However, the story takes an unexpected twist as Chang Pei-Shan’s character, Hu Chi-Feng, betrays Liu Wen Long and joins the ranks of the villainous bandits.

Fast forward ten years, and we witness the intricate web of relationships that intertwine the characters, forming a complex narrative that kept us on our toes. “Killer Darts” does its best to balance the intricate plot lines, offering us a rollercoaster ride of loyalty, treachery, and revenge.

Director Ho Meng Hua’s signature style shines through as he crafts a world filled with dynamic action sequences involving darts and other unique weaponry. The film’s impressive sets, including vast dungeons and underground lairs, showcase the Shaw Brothers’ commitment to creating immersive cinematic experiences.

While “Killer Darts” may have its share of ambitious moments and intriguing action choreography, it navigates some hurdles along the way. An undercurrent of a forced love triangle and instances of under-cranking the camera work against the film. Despite the film’s occasional challenges, it remains a fascinating glimpse into Ho Meng Hua’s early filmmaking efforts.