Get ready for a wild ride with “Holy Flame of the Martial World,” a martial arts movie packed with action and special effects! This movie was all about martial arts masters fighting to get their hands on the powerful Holy Flame weapon, which was actually a sword in two parts, representing Yin and Yang.

The movie felt a bit like watching Power Rangers because of its over-the-top action and special effects. Even though there was plenty of fighting, it became boring because the same characters kept battling each other again and again.

One cool thing about this movie was the large female cast, which is different from many other Shaw Brothers films, especially those directed by Chang Cheh. So, if you’re looking for a martial arts movie with lots of strong female characters, this one’s got you!

Phillip Kwok had a small but memorable role where he used a funny martial arts style. He would laugh and move around in a way that hurt anyone near him, which was pretty silly to watch.

While the story and characters weren’t very interesting, if you love crazy action and cool special effects, “Holy Flame of the Martial World” has plenty to offer!