Heroes Two” (1974) is a Shaw Brothers martial arts kung fu film from Shaw Brothers directed by Chang Cheh. “Heroes Two” stars Chen Kuan-tai and Alexander Fu Sheng and was recently released on Blu-ray from Shout Factory as part of their Shaw Brothers Classics Vol 2 box set.

At the heart of the narrative lies the indomitable spirit of Hung Hsi-Kuan, portrayed by Chen Kuan-tai, who narrowly escapes the fiery destruction of the Shaolin Monastery in the film’s breathtaking opening sequence. It’s in these early moments that our hero encounters the enigmatic Fang Shih Yu, played by Alexander Fu Sheng. However, things take a dramatic turn when Fang is deceived into believing that Hung is aligned with the forces of evil, ultimately aiding the dynasty in capturing him.

As the second half of the film unfolds, we bear witness to Alexander Fu Sheng’s dynamic acting chops, which bring a depth of emotion and conviction to his character. The central focus becomes Fang Shih Yu’s relentless quest to rescue Hung Hsi-Kuan, a mission that culminates in the construction of an audacious tunnel to reach his imprisoned comrade.

While “Heroes Two” offers a compelling storyline enriched by outstanding performances, it is worth noting that the film’s martial arts sequences, though solid, may not necessarily be the most visually spectacular. Nevertheless, the film’s strength lies in its engaging narrative and the remarkable chemistry between the two lead actors.