Gravy is a horror film by James Roday about a trio of cannabils who take hostage and torture a group of people inside of a Mexican restaurant.  Gravy is available now on Blu-ray from Scream Factory – on the box there is a sticker that says ‘a deliriously demented horror-comedy with an outstanding cast’ which pretty much sums up the movie but you should also know that Gravy’s current IMDB rating is 5.8 — which also sums up the movie.



  • Gravy looks pretty – it’s clear a good amount of resources went into the lighting, art direction and camera.
  • Sarah Silverman & Gabourey Sidibe are name actors with short parts but Lily Cole is the standout.
  • If off-beat and whacky is the way you want your horror served up – there is plenty!
  • Blu-ray contains director’s commentary and a behind the scenes featurette.


  • Gravy basically takes place in one location and gets old quick.
  • The acting, dialogue and general script appear to be something made up on set.
  • Special efforts don’t ‘wow’ like they should in a low budget horror film.
  • References to pop culture like ‘6 degrees of Kevin Bacon‘ and tribute dialogue to other movies will make you cringe.

Be tough to recommend Gravy to those out shopping when so many other horror movie options are out there but if you pick this one up then may we recommend playing ‘guess who dies first’ or ‘guess who survives’ with your viewing friends.

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