Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is a perfect fit on the PlayStation Vita. Originally released on the Xbox 360, this port delivers all the bug-zapping, loot-collecting, robot-destroying mayhem along with new features including online co-op and competitive multiplayer.

A cross between the 90s arcade game Smash TV and a Syfy Original Movie, Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is all about blowing stuff up and doing whatever it takes to save the world. This game really brings back that arcade feeling where realism be damned, a scorched earth policy is the only way to go.  In a world full of realistic shooters, it was pretty fantastic to pull out a rocket launcher that fires ten rockets at a time and just go nuts – fire, reload, repeat.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is all about instant gratification. I mean, there is nothing sweeter than blowing up a huge group of giant insects and watching them careening through the air or taking down a 60-foot-tall robot and feeling a sense of pride as it explodes. Even your AI soldier buddies have great sayings that will make you smile. It is all about the fun and there is plenty to go around.

Unfortunately, if you wish to go past the fun surface gameplay, you will be sorely disappointed. Your AI compatriots are dull: they will happily step in front of you while you’re firing your rocket launcher, ending everyone’s life in the process. The vehicles are unwieldy, almost to the point of being completely useless and strategy is an unknown concept.

Again, that’s what makes EDF 2017 Portable so great on the PS Vita. The missions are incredibly short, the game play is fun and addicting and the absolute absurdity of story and the physics will make you laugh. There is also a lot of re-playability. With five different difficulty levels to choose from for each mission, you be breezing through Normal and cursing your reload speed on Inferno. EDF 2017 Portable is all about the loot and the higher the difficulty, the better the loot. Better weapons make for better battles, and believe me, you’ll need it.

Overall, Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is a great fit on the PlayStation Vita. It has everything you want in a handheld experience. While I could have used better AI partners and more strategy to the battles, it was only when I embraced this game for what it is – a no-thinking, blow everything up, leave nothing alive, B-level action movie – did I begin enjoying EDF 2017 Portable to its fullest. If you enjoy this kind of mindless arcade action, this is a definite pickup for you in the PlayStation Store now for $39.99.

Hmmm, if Syfy was going to pick this up, who would they force to be the main character: Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13 or Kris Holden-Reid from Lost Girl? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.