Activision granted us early access to their COD XP fan event to check out Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered which will come bundled with either of the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition and/or Digital Deluxe Editions (November 4, 2016) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will include 10 Multiplayer maps (at launch) from the original game as well as the campaign mission and is being remastered and developed by Raven Software.  Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the most beloved games in the long running franchise so fans were absolutely thrilled to hear of this news if not a bit confused as to why it will only be released as part of a bundle.

From what we witnessed at COD XP and through trailers the remastered version of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare looks to run smooth and be a feast for the eyes with its improved graphics.  It’ll be interesting to see which version of Call Of Duty gamers dive into upon release – the classic shooter or new game Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.