Here’s my elevator pitch for Binary Domain — it’s Gears of War meets The Terminator!  We’ve been following Binary Domain for quite some time and are pleased with the end result.  Binary Domain offers fast paced third person action with a pretty solid cover system, interaction with your squad teammates and high quality cut scenes.

When we checked out Binary Domain a year ago at Sega’s E3 booth they were all about pushing the ‘voice’ commands on us – something that still doesn’t seem to be there 100%.  Fortunately Binary Domain offers so much other ‘fun stuff’ that you’ll quickly forget that the developers spent so much time trying to get you to shout at your television set.

In Binary Domain you take the role of Dan Marshall – a motion captured looking version of Tom Cruise who is nicknamed the ‘Survivor’ due to his lack of being able to get out of sticky situations.  The bulk of gameplay you will be fighting robots – tons of them.  Binary Domain borrows much from the original James Cameron film ‘The Terminator‘ with a splash of ‘I, Robot‘ in the mix.  Robots or ‘Scrap Heads’ as they like to call ’em – come in a variety of forms.  There’s the soldier robot who will come at you even after you’ve downed half of his armor, the more strategic and agile types and then there are the ‘Hollow Children’ who are robots that blend in with humans.

Binary Domain is a mixed bag – there are RPG-like elements in which you can upgrade your weapons, assign skills to your character and decide which squad members will go on a mission with you.  There’s also the interaction element in which you select from a dialogue screen (or use the voice-command window) to respond to your team in both friendly discussion and during combat.  Overall, Binary Domain is a solid third party action game – the additions to gameplay mechanics don’t feel polished enough to make them selling points but lucky for us the engine, graphics and challenge is enough to stack the game ahead of the curve.

Binary Domain is out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – it offers a single person campaign, online multiplayer up to 10 people and online co-op up to 4 people.  Be sure to check out our gameplay video to see more!

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