Our friends at Tubefilter.tv put on a special Hollywood Web Television Meetup in Los Angeles this week with a panel and mixer that specifically addressed live Internet streaming content.  The panel was moderated by Marc Hustved (Editor-in-Chief Tubefilter News) and featured speakers Hailey Bright (Co-Host COIN-OP TV LIVE), Brian Gramo (Founder TheStream.TV), Drew Baldwin (Producer The Streamy Awards), Tyler Crowley (Mahalo Daily) and Bismarck Lepe (Founder Ooyala).

A variety of topics were touched upon including which website to use as a streaming platform, monetizing a show, how the quality of a show can have an impact on the viewer and clever ways for advertisers to brand live shows.  The panel was streamed live on www.stickam.com which gave viewers at home a chance at asking their own questions to the panelists.  Overall the Meetup helped verify what we at TheStream.TV have known for over three years now – that live streaming Internet TV is here to stay and a viable way of providing entertaining and interactive content.

Live Broadcast archived here: http://stickam.com/viewMedia.do?mId=186196241

Tubefilter.tv also did a feature on COIN-OP TV LIVE last week on their site here: