2009 ushered in a return of the fighting game genre – though many would argue that it never went away.  Regardless of who thinks what – we had big fighting game releases this year that began with Street Fighter IV (Capcom), BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Aksys Games), King of Fighters XII (Ignition) and finally wrapped up this week with Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai.  COIN-OP TV has followed the progress of these games with interviews from all the major publishers.

The So-Cal Tekken community came out in full force to help celebrate the release of Tekken 6 with a launch party and tournament put on by ACTiveGamersLA, MadCatz, Starbucks and SDTekken at the HAX hangar.  Fans got a chance to play the game before release, snag freebies and check out the awesome Tekken van.  A tournament went down later in the evening with the action being streamed live from the team at uFrag.TV.

All parties involved admitted that the event was strung together last minute which led to some interesting ‘sharing’ of the venue with prospective NBA basketball players trying out on the far end of the hangar.  Overall, Tekken 6 looks amazing and we can’t wait to get some quality hands-on with the game.  MadCatz gave away some SFIV Arcade TE Sticks as part of the prizes and we were able to land one as well thanks to Mark at SDTekken.com! (Photos: BlankLogo Photography)