Keeping up with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pre-Order Incentives

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is only a couple weeks away but you still have time to take advantage of their pre-order incentives!  Our friends at Namco Bandai have made a clear and concise video explaining what goodies you can expect from both a general retail pre-order and those who purchase through GameStop. GameStop Pre-Order Incentives: [...]

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Yoshinori Ono takes us to Street Fighter X Tekken school

When did fighting games become so academic?  Capcom's Yoshinori Ono gives an extensive tutorial on all of the new features in the upcoming game Street Fighter X Tekken.  The game continues to impress with its fast fighting mechanics and action however there's a handful of things that concern us.  Street Fighter X Tekken doesn't look [...]

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Capcom getting serious for Street Fighter X Tekken release

Capcom has shown a devotion for supporting their fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom by getting involved with events and helping support major fighting game tournaments like Evo2k.  Capcom's Matt Dahlgren and Haunts (from iplaywinner) announced today that a partnership deal was inked to bring a week-long tournament (and part reality show) [...]

Tekken Hybrid Review

HD collections make great stocking stuffers going into the 2011 holiday season and the Tekken Hybrid falls into place with the best of 'em.  Tekken Hybrid is three things in one - an HD revamp of the popular PlayStation 2 fighter Tekken Tag Tournament, a full length 3D CGI animated original film called Tekken: Blood [...]

Tekken 6 launch party in So-Cal

2009 ushered in a return of the fighting game genre - though many would argue that it never went away.  Regardless of who thinks what - we had big fighting game releases this year that began with Street Fighter IV (Capcom), BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Aksys Games), King of Fighters XII (Ignition) and finally wrapped up [...]

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