Street Fighter V PAX South Preview

Where I think Street Fighter V shines the most is in Capcom’s desire to make SFV a platform rather than a series of independent games. It was made clear to me that creating a multitude of versions of Street Fighter IV in the past winnowed the community into small groups, segregating each of them from the larger community.

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Top 5 Worst Movies Based on Video Games

When it comes to compiling a list of terrible video game based movies, there certainly is not shortage of choices. In fact a 'worst of' list could just be a list of the movies that currently exist, with a few exceptions. Trimming down to only five has been a challenge. So let's not call this [...]

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Combo Attack Art Show Celebrates Street Fighter

Our friends at iam8bit opened up the COMBO ATTACK art show last night with food, drinks, music and more. Combo Attack features over 50 artists with Street Fighter inspired art spread throughout the gallery.  Jon Gibson and his team at iam8bit always do a fantastic job of putting together a fun party atmosphere and environment [...]

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Asura’s Wrath DLC – Ryu & Akuma Gameplay

For only a couple of bux you can download and play these 'lost episodes' in the Asura's Wrath video game.  We praised this Cyberconnect2 & Capcom game for its visual style and anime flavor in our review for Asura's Wrath.  This time around gamers can take on Ryu and Akuma from the Street Fighter universe [...]

Asura’s Wrath DLC Announced

Asura's Wrath is pretty and fun - this CyberConnect 2 gem from Capcom deserves another look and what better way to call attention to itself then by offering some cheap DLC levels! Additional Asura's Wrath levels will fit into the story and considered chapters 11.5 and 15.5 respectfully - each running 160 MS points or [...]

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Yoshinori Ono takes us to Street Fighter X Tekken school

When did fighting games become so academic?  Capcom's Yoshinori Ono gives an extensive tutorial on all of the new features in the upcoming game Street Fighter X Tekken.  The game continues to impress with its fast fighting mechanics and action however there's a handful of things that concern us.  Street Fighter X Tekken doesn't look [...]

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Capcom getting serious for Street Fighter X Tekken release

Capcom has shown a devotion for supporting their fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom by getting involved with events and helping support major fighting game tournaments like Evo2k.  Capcom's Matt Dahlgren and Haunts (from iplaywinner) announced today that a partnership deal was inked to bring a week-long tournament (and part reality show) [...]