Valhalla Knights 3 Review

As a big fan of Japanese Role Playing Games, I’m always cheering on North American publishers who pick up options on Japanese franchises and localize them for a stateside release. So I was definitely excited to get my hands on Valhalla Knights 3, published here in the U.S. by Xseed Games. An action-RPG to the [...]

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Tales Of Xillia Preview & Gameplay

Tales Of Xillia is a new video game from Namco Bandai coming out for the Sony PlayStation 3 on Aug 6, 2013. We had a chance to preview the game and capture some gameplay with developer commentary from Anime Expo 2013. Tales of Xillia looks like an upgrade from some of the previous 'Tales' games we've seen thus far and definitely will appeal to fans eagerly awaiting the release of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.

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