The Loyal Subjects have attracted our attention in their short lifespan of manufacturing artistic versions of popular toy icons like Transformers and G.I. Joe.  We first came across their booth at DesignerCon a few years ago – picked up a spiffy Bumble Shirt and some Transformers figures.  The Loyal Subjects have gone on to explore many different licenses including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and most recently Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

We had a chance to check out their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mystery blind boxes for their Action Vinyls series 1 line which retail for about $13.   The series contains designs by Joe Allard and is officially licensed by Saban and features the original Rangers cast – some of the popular villains and a mystery chase figure (we still don’t know who it is).

These figures are very high quality and fully posable and the Power Rangers figures all have a helmet that can be snapped on or left off.  The villain Rita Repulsa had wheels on her base but rolling her around wasn’t all that exciting.  The Loyal Subjects are probably the nearest company there is to giving the Funko Mystery Minis a run for the money but at twice the cost – it’s gonna take fans a big leap to be convinced.  Here’s hoping our unboxing videos help shed some light on the decision making process.