I seem to recall UFC president Dana White talking some serious smack about EA and their future in the games industry. If memory serves Dana went so far as to say that any fighter that signs on with EA to appear in EA Sports MMA will never fight in the UFC, MMA’s premier organization. EA has purchased THQ’s UFC license and the two (EA and UFC) have signed a multi year multi product deal. What is White’s plate of crow is fight fans gift from on high.  By combining the two stables of fighters into one EA super MMA fight fest we might actually see that Fedor/Couture fight we’ve all wanted, or maybe Rickson vs. Royce… Oh the possibilities.

The quality of the THQ UFC titles is far above EA’s MMA outing, this is known, what isn’t known is how EA’s mechanics and gameplay will evolve to represent their top tier acquisition. Did the undisclosed amount paid to THQ by EA include elements of their UFC games? If not, will EA be able to successfully clone what THQ did so well? It’s a wait an see situation with some very exciting possibilities.