Fans of Doctor Who had a chance to step into the time traveler’s world and even the Tardis briefly during Comic-Con International 2019 at the BBC America booth to demo Doctor Who The Edge of Time Virtual Reality Experience. I took part in the short demo and had a chance to chat briefly with Ian Hambleton on the development team.

Doctor Who The Edge of Time takes place in the most current Doctor Who time frame during the thirteenth Doctor who is played by Jodie Whittaker. In the game, you play as the Doctor’s companion who is tasked with trying to free the Doctor who has been mysteriously trapped but can communicate with you verbally. It’s worth noting that you will be allowed to use the ‘Sonic screwdriver’ on your quest – something not often associated with companion characters on the TV show.

In Doctor Who The Edge of Time you will partake in three different areas and time zones; Victoria London, on a starship in the future and during a Dalek invaded Aztec world. Your objective is to find time crystals to help free the Doctor and get on with your future (or past) adventuring. The area on display at the Comic-Con demo took place in a backyard where I had to collect scrap parts in order to power up the Tardis where I then walked into it for a brief view before the demo ended.

The Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR experience was smooth and fluid enough during my short time with the game. There was never anytime I felt motion sickness or disorientated which was a common occurrence in early VR games. The trailer teases a section of the game which will contain the ‘Weeping Angels’ from the TV show which is sure to be a highlight of the experience if done correctly.

Doctor Who The Edge of Time will be available on the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Cosmos in September 2019.